When Betty can't make it home to her darling Waffles, she must find another way to spend her last moments on earth.

Shot in Seattle with a small cast and crew, our short film Crazy Cat Lady (2019) was directed by James Winters and Carrie Wachob, written by Carrie Wachob, and stars Tonya M. Skoog. Produced by Carrie Wachob, Wendy Corlett, and Kira Sipler. Original score by Carlos Garcia


CRAZY CAT LADY recently won both the screenplay and filmmaking portions of the Create50 competition (UK), and will be included as a scene in the upcoming (2020) UK feature film THE IMPACT, written by Joe Eszterhas and starring Olivia Williams. A dark comedy about the end of the world, CRAZY CAT LADY is also beginning its journey into the festival circuit as a standalone short film.

Behind the Scenes