All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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Darkly Heights

2019 Green Room Fellow. Finalist, Bigfoot Script Challenge. Workshopped at Rocaberti and the Stowe Story Labs.

Pilot, Dark Comedy/Horror


Semi-finalist, NAPA Valley Film Festival Screenwriting Competition; top 10% Academy Nicholl Fellowships

Feature, Thriller/Drama

Wicked Stepmother

Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival.

Pilot, Dark Comedy

The Last Blast

Quarter-finalist, Stage32 Comedy Writing Contest

Feature, Dark Comedy

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Feature, Horror

Dr. Dick

2019 live SAG-AFTRA script reading, presented by the Northwest Screenwriters Guild. Co-sponsored by Seattle SAG-AFTRA and TheFilmSchool; Top 3 Winner, Cinequest Film Festival

Short, Dark Comedy

Goodnight, Krissy

The Singularity book of short stories (UK), available on Amazon November 2018.

Short Story, Sci-fi/Horror

Winner of both the international screenplay and international filmmaker competition "The Impact" (Create50/The London Screenwriters' Festival). More here.


Quarter-Finalist, Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope Screenplay Contest. Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival. 

Feature, Drama/Thriller

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